Crime Insurance

No one wants to think that their business is at risk for having crimes committed on their premises – or by their employees – or through their computers or otherwise. But the truth is, no business is immune to the senseless and destructive acts of crime against them. Even if you take every precaution you can to avoid criminal activity you cannot guarantee that it won’t happen to you.

But you can manage the loss exposures if a criminal act effected your business by having TR Jones & Co./Brown & Brown of Florida, Inc. in Homestead, Florida custom design a Crime Insurance policy for your company.

A CRIME INSURANCE POLICY provides coverage for incidences such as:

  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery or Alteration
  • Theft, Disappearance, and Destruction
  • Robbery and Safe Burglary
  • Premises Burglary
  • Computer Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Premises Theft and Robbery Outside
  • Funds Transfer Fraud
  • Money Orders and Counterfeit Currency


Let TR Jones & Co./Brown & Brown of Florida, Inc. in Homestead start customizing your Crime Insurance policy today!

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