Risk Management & Loss Control Consulting

The professional Advisors at TR Jones & Company/Brown & Brown of Florida, Inc. in Homestead have been providing RISK MANAGEMENT CONSULTING and loss control consulting services to a variety of businesses for many years.

We are committed to delivering customized risk management solutions for each and every one of our clients.

Our extensive and thorough research allows us to provide our clients with an organized strategic plan that not only defines the objectives for them, but also details what they need to do in order to fulfill those objectives.

A client’s total cost of risk is determined by several components of their entire risk management plan, as well as their business operations. By understanding these components and how they are affected, we can then apply our knowledge and expertise to control and reduce our clients’ total cost of risk. Using our technology solutions we can eventually even improve bottom-line performance.

Other Ways We Assist in Risk Management and Loss Control Consulting include, but are not limited to:

Employee Communication Assistance
We can provide your Safety and HR staff with a wealth of safety/insurance/human resources information at your fingertips. We can provide tools and documents covering a variety of Safety, OSHA, and HR topics.

OSHA Compliance Assistance
Are you prepared for an OSHA inspection? We can help you prepare by providing a Mock OSHA Inspection. Our Risk Control Consultants can also provide written program templates and training assistance to keep you in compliance with OSHA.

Drug-Free Workplace Assistance
We can support your Drug Free Workplace initiatives by providing on-site training and administrative assistance. Several states, including Tennessee, offer a premium discount to companies that utilize drug free policies which meet their specific criteria. We can assist you in the enrollment process and ensure that you receive credit for your drug free initiatives.

Claim Reviews / Risk Analysis
We can provide claim reviews and risk analysis, including specific factors affecting your premium such as your Experience Modification Rating. We gather claims information on a periodic basis and will discuss your open claims with each assigned adjuster and review our findings with you.


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